Dogs have for the longest time been referred to as man’s best friend and indeed they are. At least in most cases they are man’s best friend.  No other animal can be compared to the loyalty of a dog to his/her  master.  In fact, nothing can be said to befriend man more than a dog. Dogs have been considered by many as exceptional gifts that only a handful of people would have the capability of understanding. A dog would do anything and everything for its master till its last breath.  There are many reported cases in which we get to read about dogs that have saved their owner’s life and/or  children from a catastrophe or criminal.  In most instances, the dog of the home is considered as one of the members of the family.  From experience, a dog’s love is unconditional. It seems to love for better and/or for the worse. The dog is indeed man’s best friend.

Irrespective of the love, there are some certain breeds of dogs that have over time acquired the reputation as vicious dogs. These dogs are considered as being violent and are in most cases capable of causing very serious harm up to and including death. These breeds are the main focus of our blog today. Would you want to find yourself in a position where you are being confronted or attacked by your very own dog? Alternatively, would you want a dog that bites your guests or even your family members with or without provocation? This blog article therefore assists you in knowing some of the different dangerous breeds of dogs.  This way, if you intend to buy a dog at any point in time, you will be well aware of the risks.

  1. Pit Bulls

In 2015 alone, pit bulls already had 66 fatalities to their name. It is for this reason that they are referred to as the most dangerous breed of dog in the world. The initial and main intention for their development was for them to become fighter dogs. As such, they require a higher amount of socialization and training (if not more) than most dogs. Pit bulls are naturally aggressive which has led to the banning of pit bulls in  most countries around the world. Additionally, some countries have banned these dogs in order to prevent illegal gambling/activities, such as dog fighting.  The average life span of a Cocker Spaniel is approximately 12-14  years.

  1. Cocker Spaniel

Again, as of 2015 calendar year, the cocker spaniel breed had already earned 59 fatalities to its name. It is for this reason that it is regarded as the second most dangerous dog breed all around the world. The cocker spaniel’s strong sense of smell initially enabled them to be used as gun dogs. This way, they would help in the process of trailing birds for hunting. There are two specific kinds of Cocker Spaniels. These two kinds are inclusive of the cocker spaniels from England and those from America. They also need to be trained, socialized and loved, like every other dangerous breed of dogs.  The average life span of a Cocker Spaniel is approximately 10-14  years.

  1. Rottweiler

In 2015, Rottweiler had more than 39 recorded attacks. They have in many instances been referred to as Rottweiler butchers since they are very strong and powerful. In its natural state, a Rottweiler is a very obedient breed of dog with a high sense of devotion and eagerness – especially towards work. It is also a breed that has been banned in several countries. In order to live in harmony with a Rottweiler, it is very important for their masters to shower them with love as well as keep them trained and socialized. The training should be undertaken by experts and not just any person. The average life span of a Rottweiler is approximately 8-10 years.

  1. German Shepherd

This a highly trainable breed of dog despite the fact that this breed has a number of recorded fatalities to its name. When it comes to its physical appearance, the German shepherd is an enormous and weighty dog. It is mainly bred for its massive strength as well as for intelligence. It is for this reason that it is usually used as a police dog, rescue dog and guard dog. German shepherds have the ability and the eagerness to learn new things at a very fast pace which is highly advantageous. Owners should love and take care of them in order for the German shepherd to refrain from being violent. An owner should aim to provide the German shepherd with constant socialization to earn trust and to tame the dog.  The average life span of a German Shepherd is approximately 10-12 years.

  1. Great Dane

This animal happens to be the tallest as well as the largest dog in the entire world. It is  typically 44 inches long and is in most instances never really calm or still. The dog is a German breed which has acquired its name partly as a result of the fatalities that it has caused over time. A breed of this kind has the potential of being extremely caring and loving if they are well trained and socialized with humans and other dogs. However, an owner should intend to pay a lot of attention to a dog of this kind of breed; otherwise, you will only be inviting trouble for yourself and your entire family. So if you do intend to own a Great Dane, ensure that you take good care of it and give it lots of attention by regularly playing with it. It is a dog that seeks physical attention and pampering from its master –  the lack of it could cause this breed to be dangerous. Unfortunately, the average life span of a Great Dane is only 8 years.

It is important to remember that the behavior of a dog, like all animals, is simply unpredictable. Some dogs have a prior history of bites and/or aggressive behavior. These dogs may be considered vicious under Georgia law as to any future attacks/bites.  Other dogs are not considered vicious but engage in attacks and bites when unleashed or uncontrolled.  If you or your loved ones become the victim of a dog attack, then please contact me today.  It is important to gather evidence and contact the appropriate governmental authorities to document such an attack.  For further information on dog attacks and bites, please visit my blog on animal law.

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