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Many of my clients ask the same question. They want to know whether or not the at-fault insurance company will pay for their medical bills when these bills become due and payable. The short answer is generally no. Let’s look at this dilemma from several different viewpoints
Injured Person Does Not Have Medical Insurance

A majority of the cases involve injured people who simply do not have insurance coverage. Due to the injuries received in a car wreck, an individual may typically treat with a hospital and perhaps several other doctors over an extended period of time. In some instances, injured folks treat with two to four doctors at different locations and these doctors will mail out bills at different points in time.
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It depends. Let me explain. Georgia passed legislation in 1991 that repealed Georgia’s automobile no-fault insurance. Since the repeal of no-fault insurance, medical payments coverage, which is commonly known as med pay coverage, has increased in popularity among Georgia motorists. Basically, med pay is an optional coverage on your auto insurance that pays the insured’s medical and funeral expenses caused by a car accident. It is an excellent investment and is quite inexpensive. I highly recommend that every motorist obtain this optional coverage with their automobile insurer.

What is the applicable Georgia statute?

O.C.G.A. 33-4-6 covers the payment of med pay benefits. Basically, the statute mandates that insurers make payment within sixty (60) days after a demand has been made for payment. If the insurer fails to make payment within this time period and the refusal is in bad faith, then the insurer may be liable or responsible for up to 50 percent of the amount owed or $5,000, whichever is greater, plus legal fees. If you believe that your insurer has refused or rejected to pay your medical bills in bad faith, then you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.
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