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A horrible news story came out today in Atlanta regarding a 5-month-old baby girl, Paige Bradley, who was killed in Forest Park, Georgia, by a German Shepherd dog. The back-story is that the dog had been around the baby for the baby’s entire short life.

The mother allowed the baby to go to a different home where a dog lived, ate, and slept. The male babysitter (and roommate to the mother) was asleep in a different room in the home at the time of the dog attack – the story does not indicate any details of barking, growling, noise or similar conduct at the time of the attack. The mother came to pick up the baby later that evening and noticed that the baby was not responsive – specific details of the particular attack were missing from the report.

The report reflected that the mother was unsure as to the cause or reason of the dog attack. I have handled numerous dog attacks and dog bites throughout Georgia and have gleaned many nuances and knowledge regarding the nature of dogs.  First, dogs are territorial. Second, some dogs are particularly bred to be guard dogs, including German Shepherds. Third, all dogs are animals and though domesticated, are by their very nature unpredictable. Fourth, dogs are not reasonable and do not entertain sound judgment in action like humans.

It is possible that the dog felt that the baby was an intruder and a threat in his/her home and took action that seemed normal and reasonable to the dog. The dog was later euthanized by animal control and there was no evidence that the dog had been vicious or dangerous in the past.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to the mother and her family.

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