Georgia Motorcyclist Dead After Georgia State Patrol Chase


Just more than a week ago, a high-speed car chase in southeast Atlanta killed an innocent woman motorist and injured others. The police officer involved in that crash has since been charged with manslaughter. The facts of that chase indicated that the officer had received a call for assistance and was traveling at an excessively high speed when s/he impacted a BMW at, near or in an intersection, and subsequently another vehicle containing a mother and her two children inside. Witnesses to the collision reported that the force of the impact was so strong that it caused the patrol vehicle to catch fire. My blog analyzing that chase and its legal impact can be found here.

Fast-forward to yesterday evening and we have yet another fatality resulting from a law enforcement high-speed chase. However, this time it involved a motorcyclist and the resulting crash was not the fault of the patrol officer.

On or around 7 p.m. this past Friday night, George Andrew Tillage, 44, of McDonough, Georgia, operated his 2003 Kawasaki motorcycle. Mr. Tillage was traveling southbound on I-285 when a Georgia State Patrol Officer noticed that Mr. Tillage did not have a tag on the motorcycle.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the State Trooper activated his lights and siren. Consequently, Mr. Tillage attempted to flee from the trooper by immediately accelerating and weaving in and out of traffic at an excessive speed. As Mr. Tillage sped past Washington Road, he lost control of his 2003 Kawasaki motorcycle, on the ramp to the Old National Highway exit and collided into a guardrail. Although the trooper immediately contacted emergency medical personnel, it was determined that Mr. Tillage died at the scene.

In contrast to the high-speed chase last week, collision and fatality last week, this fatality was not the fault of law enforcement. The evidence is clear here that the motorcyclist consciously and purposely attempted to lose the State Patrol by his immediate acceleration and evasive maneuvers. The proximate cause of the death of the motorcyclist was his inability to control his motorcycle at a high rate of speed as he attempted to negotiate an exit ramp in his escape. It is clear that the negligence of Mr. Tillage in choosing to travel at a speed excessive for conditions then existing was the cause of his demise and death. Consequently, the estate of Mr. Tillage should not prevail in any type of legal action against the State Patrol or the trooper for any wrongful death or related action. It is clear the negligence of Mr.

If you or a loved one has been the innocent victim of a high speed car chase by a city, county or state employee or a motorcyclist who has sustained bodily injuries and damages from a vehicular or motorcycle crash, then you may have a right to be compensated for your pain and suffering and damages. It is of utmost importance to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with the Georgia Tort Claims Act as well as other state laws regarding the negligent conduct of the police officer, to document and preserve evidence and present your claim in a competent and timely fashion.

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