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A claim of this type would require meticulously gathering of all relevant details about the incident, including witness statements, police reports, past crime data and any available video evidence. Then, I would examine the circumstances leading up to the shooting, the security measures in place, and any negligence or failure on the part of the property owner.

  1. Establishing Liability: To build a strong case, it would be crucial to determine who is legally responsible for the wrongful death. This could involve assessing the property owner’s duty of care to maintain a safe environment, any breaches of that duty, and whether they could have reasonably prevented the shooting. It is also important to determine if the premises was owned by individual(s) or a corporate entity.


  1. Identifying Negligence: If there were security lapses or inadequate safety measures that contributed to the shooting, it could constitute negligence on the part of the property owner. For instance, if they failed to hire adequate security personnel, ignored prior incidents or warnings, or did not implement proper security protocols, it could bolster the case for negligence.


  1. Proving Causation: I would work closely with expert witnesses, such as forensic specialists or security consultants, to establish a clear link between the property owner’s negligence and the fatal shooting. This would involve demonstrating how the shooting could have been prevented had appropriate security measures been in place.


  1. Quantifying Damages: Assessing the financial and emotional impact on the surviving family members is essential for determining the appropriate compensation. I would consider factors such as loss of income, medical and funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering endured by the deceased before their death.


  1. Pursuing Legal Action: Armed with a well-documented case, I would file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible parties, including any and all corporate entities. Throughout the legal process, I would represent the family’s interests, negotiate with opposing counsel, and, if necessary, present the case in court to seek a favorable verdict and fair compensation for the family.


  1. Supporting the Family: Throughout the legal proceedings, I would provide support and guidance to the bereaved family, showing compassion and empathy during this difficult time. I would ensure they are informed about the progress of the case and help them navigate any challenges that arise.

In summary, as an experienced Georgia trial lawyer handling a wrongful death case involving a shooting on premises, my focus would be on building a strong case by establishing liability, proving negligence, and seeking just compensation for the grieving family.  The Law Offices is currently accepting premises liability claims involving wrongful death, injury and/or death.  Please contact me today for a free consultation regarding your claim.


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